Botanical Flower Name Moon orchid

Phalaenopsis amabilis

Moon orchid

Moon Orchid (Phalaenopsis amabilis) is a species of the genus Phalaenopsis ...more about the Phalaenopsis amabilis flower

Botanical Flower Name Phlox

Phlox drummondii


Phlox drummondii (Annual Phlox) is a flowering plant in the genus Phlox ...more about the Phlox drummondii flower

Botanical Flower Name Flax New Zealand

Phormium tenax

Flax New Zealand

New Zealand flax describes common New Zealand perennial plants Phormium tenax and Phormium cookianum, known by the Maori names harakeke and wharariki respectively ...more about the Phormium tenax flower

Botanical Flower Name Pitt Variegated

Pittosporum tobira

Pitt Variegated

Pittosporum tobira is commonly known as "Mock Orange" ...more about the Pittosporum tobira flower

Botanical Flower Name Tuberose

Polianthes tuberosa


The tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa) is a perennial plant of the agave family Agavaceae, extracts of which are used as a top note in perfumery ...more about the Polianthes tuberosa flower

Botanical Flower Name Peony

Paeonia officinalis


The peony or paeony (Paeonia) is the only genus in the flowering plant family Paeoniaceae ...more about the Paeonia officinalis flower

Botanical Flower Name Pink Mink

Protea neriifolia

Pink Mink

Protea neriifolia forms a large shrub from about 3 metres to 5 metres in height ...more about the Protea neriifolia flower

Bunch of Tulips