Botanical Flower Name Willow curly

Salix matsudana

Willow curly

This hybrid plant is more shrubby than 'Tortuosa', with distinctive yellowish stems that are contorted and twisted ...more about the Salix matsudana flower

Botanical Flower Name Sage perennial

Salvia x superba

Sage perennial

...more about the Salvia x superba flower

Botanical Flower Name Saponaria

Saponaria vaccaria


European annual with pale rose-colored flowers ...more about the Saponaria vaccaria flower

Botanical Flower Name Pincushion flower annual

Scabiosa atropurpurea

Pincushion flower annual

Scabiosa is a genus in the teasel Family Dipsacaceae of flowering plants ...more about the Scabiosa atropurpurea flower

Botanical Flower Name California pepperberry

Schinus molle

California pepperberry

Evergreen medium to tall tree with pendulous branchlets and fern like foliage ...more about the Schinus molle flower

Botanical Flower Name Bird of paradise

Strelitzia reginae

Bird of paradise

The Bird of Paradise flower is a spectacular blossom ...more about the Strelitzia reginae flower

Botanical Flower Name Goldenrod

Solidago hybrid


About 100 perennial species make up the genus Solidago, most being found in the meadows and pastures, along roads, ditches and waste areas in North America ...more about the Solidago hybrid flower

Botanical Flower Name Solidaster

Solidaster hybrid


...more about the Solidaster hybrid flower

Botanical Flower Name Stephanotis

Stephanotis floribunda


White star like flowers are borne in small fragrant clusters on a deep geeen twining vine ...more about the Stephanotis floribunda flower

Bunch of Tulips