Common Flower Name Fernleaf Yarrow

Fernleaf Yarrow

Achillea filipendulin

Achillea filipendulina (Fernleaf Yarrow) is an ornamental plant in the Asteraceae family ...more about the Fernleaf Yarrow flower

Common Flower Name Foxtail fern

Foxtail fern

Asparagus densiflorus Meyeri

Asparagus meyeri is an evergreen arching perennial that has feathery, needle-like, stems ...more about the Foxtail fern flower

Common Flower Name Freesia


Freesia hybrid

Freesias are very popular garden plants, grown for their often strongly scented flowers ...more about the Freesia flower

Common Flower Name Feverfew


Matricaria capensis

Sprays of button-like gold, white, and yellow flowers appear on branching but compact plants 8 to 30 inches tall ...more about the Feverfew flower

Common Flower Name Flax New Zealand

Flax New Zealand

Phormium tenax

New Zealand flax describes common New Zealand perennial plants Phormium tenax and Phormium cookianum, known by the Maori names harakeke and wharariki respectively ...more about the Flax New Zealand flower

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